Born in Lubumbashi (Democratic Republic of Congo) and based in Belgium, Baloji (not to be confused with the photographer Sammy Baloji) is an award-winning musician, filmmaker, a polymath artist , he’s working as art director, costume designer for fashion and other visual art forms. Baloji name meaning refers to occult and evil forces. In Swahili, it initially meant “man of science,” but in colonial times, it turned into “man of occult sciences/sorcerer”. This assignment has influenced his entire work as a heavy burden to bear and, at the same time, as a driver for a playful and empirical approach, shaping his vision with an imaginary suspended between oneiric and magical realism, notably through a work on the mask and the symbolisms and its report of association of colors and sound caused by its synesthesia. As a filmmaker, Baloji released his first feature film Augure / Omen (Cannes official selection 2023/ New Voice Award).

Featured project:
Augure / Omen

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