About Us

Our Mission

New Dawn is striving for a vibrant, open and inclusive film industry with true diversity of perspectives, filmic expressions and relevance for everyone.

Public funders have a responsibility to support talented film makers without prejudice or exclusion and to give ample opportunity for multifaceted, original and authentic film to flourish. New Dawn strives to expand the international possibilities for the many voices and perspectives in our continuously changing societies, as a joint step forward towards a more diverse film landscape.

New Dawn: more ways to establish variety and representation

The film industry of today is still unequal in many ways. Large demographic groups have been struggling for access to funding and to the marketplace. Through their work filmmakers shape the narrative of our time and the harsh conclusion is that this has mostly been possible for too narrow a scope of film makers. The consequences are a lack of cinematic perspectives of what it means being a human today. Public funders have a responsibility to address these issues both on a national and on an international level.

With the introduction of New Dawn the participating funds therefore want to explore more ways to establish variety and representation. New Dawn will operate as a production fund, by making extra funding available for film productions, both feature length fiction and documentary productions, as well as by supporting film makers in setting up networks. New Dawn is inviting film makers – and other public funds – to contribute to the mission of New Dawn.

New Dawn Committee

The assessment of the applications will be done by a committee of independent international filmprofessionals. We aim for a rotating cast of experts to ensure fresh views each call. These are our members:

Shamira Raphaëla


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Bård Ydén

Cesar Majorana

Dalilla Hermans

Deborah Williams

Delphine Lievens


Francine Hetherington Raveney

Helen Faradji

Inge de Leeuw

Jamil Agard

João Ferreira

Laurence Lascary

Laurent Micheli

Lize Spit

Maike Mia Höhne

Myriam A. Rafla

Nuno Silva

Orwa Nyrabia

Renee Robinson

Sasha Dees

Sébastien Onomo

Sherwan Haji

Themba Bhebhe

Partner of New Dawn