“As a film industry it is our joint responsibility to reflect a kaleidoscopic picture of the societies we live in. The New Dawn initiative aims to create room for a more diverse perspective, thereby enriching the complete ecosystem of the film industry.”

Open up the Film Industry

Deadline 3 APRIL 2023

The international film production fund New Dawn is striving for a vibrant, open and inclusive film industry with true diversity of perspectives, filmic expressions and relevance for everyone.

New Dawn is an initiative of 10 public funds aiming to open up the film industry to the many voices and perspectives in our continuously changing society. As public funds, we have a responsibility to support talented film makers without prejudice or exclusion and to give ample opportunity for multifaceted, original and authentic film to flourish.

New Dawn will operate as a production fund, by making additional funding available for film productions and by supporting film makers in setting up networks.

Who can apply

Applications for New Dawn can only be submitted by an independent production company (a legal entity) based in one of the participating countries of New Dawn, that produces and exploits films and other visual productions on a continuous basis. The participating countries are: Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Canada.

Primary conditions

New Dawn is open for applications that are in accordance with its mission. An integral part of the application is a joint motivation by the producer, writer and director reflecting on how they connect to this mission.

Eligible are film productions that meet all of the following criteria:

  • The production is a feature-length live action, documentary, or animated fiction film with a runtime of at least 60 minutes, with the objective to reach an audience in cinemas, at home and/or abroad;
  • The producer and director and/or writer of the production originate from one of the countries of the participating funds by nationality or residency (see ‘Who can apply’ or the representatives);
  • The project has been granted selective production support, based on artistic quality, in one of the participating countries. A written confirmation to this effect is required from the relevant fund participating in New Dawn (see Frequently Asked Questions);
  • For feature films (fiction or animated): the production is in development or preproduction, with a planned first day of shooting after the submission date.

NB: Production support based solely on tax or cash-rebate incentives does not qualify. The project is in development or in preproduction.

  • At least 50% of the financing is in place upon application;
  • The applicant holds the rights to the film production and shares pro rata in the worldwide proceeds of the film production;
  • The production has not been submitted to New Dawn before.


In addition to selective production support already granted by one or more of the participating film funds:

  • Up to €200,000 for a feature film (fiction or animated film)
  • Up to €100,000 for a feature-length documentary

Only a limited number of projects can be supported by New Dawn each year. For the first call in 2023 the budget is € 500.000,-. The applicant will be obliged to spend the New Dawn grant on the production costs of the film. The grant is non-recoupable and there are no territorial spending obligations.


There are 2 deadlines per year.
The next submission deadlines is April 3rd, 2023, 17:00 CET


A joint advisory committee of international advisers is responsible for assessing applications and making the final selection. The advisors are independent and are selected for their expertise and professional excellence. Meetings are chaired by an independent official and proceedings are supported by the staff of the Netherlands Film Fund.

You can find information about the members of the committee here.

Under Article 3 of the General Regulations, the Netherlands Film Fund has been authorised to take a formal decision on the applications based on the advice of the joint advisory committee and the legal and financial framework of New Dawn.

How to apply

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New Dawn selects first 6 projects

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Telefilm Canada joins New Dawn

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Apply for New Dawn!

Apply for New Dawn!

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