New Dawn announces selection of four titles

New Dawn announces selection of four titles
f.l.t.r.t.t.b.: Shahrbanoo Sadat, Rodigro Barriuso, Alecio Araci, Javier Badillo & Nat Marshik

Four brand new projects have been selected for New Dawn. An independent committee selected 4 feature films from 66 applications.

The projects and film makers were chosen for their unique voices and perspectives and their compelling commitment to telling these stories in a way that seamlessly aligns with New Dawn’s mission. And according to the committee, they are a contribution to a more open and inclusive film industry.  

The selected projects are:  

No Good Men (Germany) 

Director & Script: Shahrbanoo Sadat
Co-writer: Muhammed Anwar Hashimii
Producer: Adomeit Film GMBH 
Co-producers: Adomeit Film APS, La Fabrica Ncturna Cinéma, Motlys 
Logline: Young camerawoman Naru falls head over heels for TV reporter Qodrat. But there are a few hiccups along the way: they’re both married, there’s a 20-year age gap between them, and they live in Kabul.
Granted support: € 200.000,-
Committee: An intimate exploration of everyday life and gender relations in Afghanistan. 

No Good Men is a film about female agency, and its limits, from the authentic perspective of an Afghan woman who doesn’t embellish her culture. Filmmaker Shahrbanoo Sadat demonstrates a deep love for her culture through a critical lens, skillfully avoiding oversimplifications, stereotypes, and projections.  

By incorporating comedic elements, the film normalizes Afghan life even in the most hostile of contexts. It features well-crafted characters and believable arcs, addressing intergenerational conflicts, gender-based conflicts, and the clash between modernity and tradition.  

The committee concludes: The narrative is gripping, and the classical love story gains depth through high stakes and authentic details that enhance the film’s realism. Director Sadat’s clear vision offers a unique opportunity to experience Kabul differently.  

Slynglarna (Sweden) 

Director & Script: Alecio  Araci
Co-writer: Andreas Nygård
Producer: Prolaps production 
Logline: Damir is a living at full speed to escape memories of a past sexual assault when he falls in love with Amel. They decide to go on an action-packed journey to bring down their shared perpetrator.
Granted support: € 200.000,-
Committee: A raw action-thriller about queer love, lust, and revenge, inspired by real-life events.   

Slynglarna, a dark and simultaneously lighthearted film, explores themes of sexual assault, trauma, and neurodiversity in a story that portrays a queer BIPOC underground scene rarely caught on film. It offers a unique, explosive healing experience through a queer romance that shifts into a dark thriller, reflecting on revenge and justice.  

The committee praises Alecio Araci’s strong vision, which offers a blend of innovative cinema and fresh perspectives. Using a highly original script, combining pop, baroque, and high-octane realism with imaginative flights of fancy, Araci creates a chaotic, at times surrealist, but also hopeful world.   

Neverman (Canada)  

Director & Script: Rodrigo Barriuso
Co-writer: Kyah Green
Producer: Lucia Productions 
Logline: When Alzheimer’s lands her in a hostile nursing nursing home, an aging transgender activist must fight her last battle for dignity.
Granted support: € 75.000,-
Committee: A witty, endearing, and heartfelt exploration of the challenges faced by an aging transgender activist amidst systemic social and institutional injustices.  

Neverman follows Lucia, who has very intentionally forged and crafted her identity, when she strives to have continuity with her past whilst navigating Alzheimers.  

The committee was impressed by this unique point of view combined with the motivation of the team; offering a layered and authentic perspective via representations both in story and crew. 

The seamless way in which the film interweaves Lucia’s states of lucidity, her statutes of confusion and the vividity of her flashbacks is a testament to filmmaker Rodrigo Barriuso and co-writer Kyah Green’s storytelling skills. Thoughtful, humanistic and poetic, orchestrating a cast of characters whose relationships are memorable and deeply moving. 

Lupe Q & the Galactic Earworm (Canada)  

Director & Script: Javier Badillo
Co-writer: Nat Marshik
Producers: Spacepunks Productions 
Logline: Lupe, a disgruntled Latinx misfit in a high school punk band, discovers that her uniquely awful music is the only thing that can save the world from an alien invasion. On the road to resisting annihilation, Lupe finds love, friendship, and the true meaning of family. 
Granted support: € 75.000,-
Committee: A sci-fi that foregrounds (young) queer Latinx punk subculture in a vibrant universe   

Despite the diversity in sci-fi, few films mediate the protagonist’s culture within the genre.  

Combining live action and animation in an entertaining storyline with never a dull moment, ‘Lupe Q and the Galactic Earworms’ places first and second generation Latinx characters and culture in North America at the center of the narrative. While also making space for an Indigenous co-protagonist and several other cast members from equity-seeking groups in a refreshingly original, lively and fun script 

Commended for its inclusivity in casting, hiring, and production, the creative team, hailing from the communities represented on screen, brings an undeniable authenticity to the project.  

The committee sees a project bursting with personality and a playful irreverence, bringing an energetic, young approach to cinema. 

New Dawn was launched in 2022, aiming to support more diversity in the international film industry. With the introduction of New Dawn, the participating funds want to explore more ways to establish variety and representation. A vibrant, open and inclusive film industry with true diversity of perspectives and filmic expressions has relevance for everyone.  

Previously selected New Dawn projects include My Favourite Cake by Behtash Sanaeeha and Maryam Moghaddam, Julie Keeps Quiet  by Leonardo Van Dijl and winner of the New Voice Award 2023 (Un Certain Regard, Cannes Film Festival) Augure by Baloji. 

The next deadline for New Dawn is 16 September 2024 17:00 CET. 

New Dawn is supported by the following film institutes and funds: Communauté Française de Belgique- Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel; Flanders Audiovisual Fund; Film Fund Luxembourg; Finnish Film Foundation; Norwegian Film Institute; Swedish Film Institute; Screen Ireland; Telefilm Canada; Instituto Português do Cinema e do Audiovisual and Netherlands Film Fund.